Faygo Bottles Shaped Like Titties

Make That Shit Look Like a Teet

Whazzup, Beyotch!!! As y’all know… I been out on the mu fuckin streets, lookin for a new job ever since I cocked off to that fuckin maggot Mr Williamson at Baskin Robbins last month. More like fuckin TURDY-ONE FLAVAS, muthabitches…

Naw, check it out, though. My man Jug Sack threw this fuckin bone at me. Faygo is looking for a QUALITY CONTROL MANAGER!!! And I’m TOTALLY fuckin qualified for that shizzz. I know but three things in this life of ours, and those three things are the fuckin ICP, Faygo, and Muthafuckin Quality!

I’m an ideas man, by heart and soul. And I gots some big fuckin ideas for dis bitch. Metal fuckin jugs. Pussy Flavored Faygo. Faygo Bottles Shaped Like Titties. Hatchet bottle openers (yeah, I know that shit’s a twist off, fuck you that shit’s awesome).